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IMAGO: Creatives and their Creator

August 23, 2019 Free
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  • Aug 23, 2019
    7:00pm - 9:00pm

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About IMAGO: Creatives and their Creator

Sorry, this workshop is currently FULL. However, we have opened up a few STAND-BY SPOTS. If you register for a STAND-BY spot, you will be contacted closer to the date of the workshop if someone cancels and a spot opens up for you at the workshop on a first-come-first-serve basis. Thanks!

Have you ever wondered, how does my faith connect to my creativity?

Jonathan Edwards once said,
"All the beauty to be found throughout the whole creation is but the reflection of the diffused beams of that Being who hath an infinite fullness of brightness and glory; God... is the foundation and fountain of all being and all beauty."

Many creatives in church often struggle to make the connection of their faith to their creative talents and desires. Too little time is spent thoughtfully considering how the Bible impacts the way we think about the arts and creativity in general. Many just assume that faith and creativity occupy separate spheres of life, or if they do intersect, perhaps its only in the church bulletin or powerpoint graphics for a sermon slide.

However, the Bible gives us God's wisdom for all of life - including your creativity. It may surprise you just how expansive the Bible's vision of creativity actually is...

Some questions we'll be considering in this workshop:

  • Is there such a thing as a 'theology of art' in the Bible?
  • Is there such a thing as good and bad art or is it all subjective taste?
  • How does my Christianity impact my creative life?
  • How can I glorify God with my creative talents?
  • What are some spiritual dangers for creatives?
  • How about people who are not artistic - how does this impact everyone?

So, if you're a creative in visual arts, digital media, music, performance arts or you're simply just interested in exploring the answers to any of these questions, register for this workshop!

This is a free, one night workshop.

Date: Friday, August 23rd at 7-9PM.

Join us for this interactive workshop by marking the date found on this page and registering!

Please only register if you plan on attending this workshop IN PERSON. Thanks!